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EuroPIC invites interested parties to join its user group. The term user is applied broadly to any academic group or commercial company, small or large, which has the potential for using PICs in its technology. Although EuroPIC is particularly focussed on supporting SME users, the door is open to all interested parties.

Through contact with the consortium potential users will gain insight into how a generic fab could work for them and assistance with translating their requirements into an InP technology context.

Interaction between the consortium and the users will be policed via a two way NDA specifically design for this purpose.

Through its SME User Group, which will be expanded through an active dissemination policy, EuroPIC expects to be able to address a variety of markets in which the costs of PICs are presently prohibitive for broad application. In the project we have included a number of pilot applications, representative for different markets, with a potential for large growth: sensors, data-interconnect, telecommunications and bio-imaging. Our target is to expand the group of potential users to more than 100 at the end of the project.

If you are interested please contact

Mar van der Hoek