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The manufacturing chain

EuroPIC envisages a holistic approach that addresses the full development chain from idea, via design, software based design tools, fabrication, packaging and testing to application. The programme also allows for some technology development and the testing of new platform capability in order to learn how to introduce new building blocks to the platform. The figure below illustrates the scope of EuroPIC in the end-to-end process context.


EuroPIC and the component manufacturing chain

EuroPIC very broadly based consortium. We have partners whose skill sets collectively reach from applications specialists though design and design tools specialists to chip fabrication and package and test. The photonics industry is also represented by organisations such as EPIC.

It will be necessary for the partners to work very closely together to achieve the objectives of the work plan.

In summary, the EuroPIC partners have identified five key tasks within the programme:

• Develop a generic process flow for PICs with integrated design tools and test methodology into it.

• Show feasibility of the generic fab approach using chip designs from real applications

• Develop a business model and IP environment for the generic fab model. Develop road map for platform release.

• Expand the designer base and the user/applications base in industry

• Prepare key process building blocks ready for platform introduction and steer the platform roadmap.