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The EuroPIC project is funded under NMP-2008-3.5-1 Volume production process chains for high throughput micro-manufacturing**

Scope 3.5.1: The objective is the development of integrated processes for micro-production and finishing that combine innovative processes enabling performing manufacturing capabilities for emerging micro-products with high market impact to be demonstrated. The proposed work must significantly extend the range of micro-fabrication process capabilities by encompassing a wider range of materials and geometric forms and by defining processes and related process chains that can satisfy the specific functional and technical requirements of new emerging multi-material micro-products in sectors such as telecommunications, medical/surgical, transport, biotechnology and consumer products. In addition, the compatibility of materials and processing technologies throughout the manufacturing chains needs to be ensured for reasons of robustness and cost-effectiveness.”

Funding scheme: Collaborative projects targeted to SMEs.

Project Grant agreement no.: CP-TP 228839-2 EuroPIC

Project Start Date: 1st August 2009

Project End Date: 31st August 2012

**FP7 Work Programme 2008, Cooperation, Theme 4: Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and New Production Technologies – NMP. (European Commission C(2007)5765 of 29 November 2007). p36