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Key Tasks Within EuroPIC

The EuroPIC partners have identified five key tasks within the programme:

• Develop a generic process flow for PICs with integrated design tools and test methodology into it.

• Show feasibility of the generic fab approach using chip designs from real applications

• Develop a business model and IP environment for the generic fab model. Develop road map for platform release.

• Expand the designer base and the user/applications base in industry

• Prepare key process building blocks ready for platform introduction and steer the platform roadmap.

Successful execution of the five key tasks will at the end of the programme result in:

• Realisation of ASPICs in InP using a continuous (integrated) industrial process flow from concept to realisation.

• Demonstration of:

Process integration and process integration methodology

Design for manufacture using a (process) knowledge base integrated within the design tools H

igh throughput micro-manufacturing chain

Validation in industry