This project is funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the EC This project is funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the EC
The EuroPIC project is coordinated by COBRA The EuroPIC project is coordinated by COBRA
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JePPIX - Joint European Platform for InP-based Photonic Integration of Components and Circuits (

The mission of JePPIX is to provide Europe with a strategic advantage in photonic integration. Therefore Europe's key players are joining forces in order to create a solid infrastructure affering access to InP-based technology for proof of concept, prototyping and finally large scale manufacturing.


Programme Details

The EuroPIC project is funded under NMP-2008-3.5-1 Volume production process chains for high throughput micro-manufacturing**

Scope 3.5.1: The objective is the development of integrated processes for micro-production and finishing that combine innovative processes enabling performing manufacturing capabilities for emerging micro-products with high market impact to be demonstrated. The proposed work must significantly extend the range of micro-fabrication process capabilities by encompassing a wider range of materials and geometric forms and by defining processes and related process chains that can satisfy the specific functional and technical requirements of new emerging multi-material micro-products in sectors such as telecommunications, medical/surgical, transport, biotechnology and consumer products. In addition, the compatibility of materials and processing technologies throughout the manufacturing chains needs to be ensured for reasons of robustness and cost-effectiveness.”

Funding scheme: Collaborative projects targeted to SMEs.

Project Grant agreement no.: CP-TP 228839-2 EuroPIC

Project Start Date: 1st August 2009

Project End Date: 31st August 2012

**FP7 Work Programme 2008, Cooperation, Theme 4: Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and New Production Technologies – NMP. (European Commission C(2007)5765 of 29 November 2007). p36



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