This project is funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the EC This project is funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the EC
The EuroPIC project is coordinated by COBRA The EuroPIC project is coordinated by COBRA
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EuroPIC Objectives

EuroPIC is a broadly based project, aiming to synthesise many of the functional components in the manufacturing chain. The project aims:

• To bring the application of photonic integrated micro-systems with a high added value in advanced products within reach for a broad class of SMEs by reducing the entrance costs dramatically by more than one order of magnitude.

• To enable the emergence of a new field of research in circuit-based photonic devices with ever increasing complexity and performance. To demonstrate this, a number of target application PICs will be produced and some of these will constitute “hero” experiments, with a record combination of complexity and performance realized in a vastly reduced development time.

• To investigate novel technologies for extending the functionality supported by a basic manufacturing process.

• To shorten the R&D cycle time significantly by developing a software design kit with accurate models of the basic building blocks and their performance.

• To develop a generic test methodology that allows for a significant reduction of the effort required for testing and qualification, by testing the basic building blocks rather then specific PICs.

• To develop a generic packaging approach that allows for packaging a variety of different PICs with a small set of standardized packages.

• To develop a business model for a rapid but evolutionary introduction of the generic foundry approach in a number of application field, mainly by and for SMEs.