This project is funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the EC This project is funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the EC
The EuroPIC project is coordinated by COBRA The EuroPIC project is coordinated by COBRA
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Project Concept

Innovation is the key to growth, competitiveness and thus social well-being in the 21st century. In order to face the challenges of globalisation, Europe needs to integrate research, product development and business innovation to stand out as a world-class innovation-orientated economy. Today, Europe has excellent education and research institutions; however their representatives are often isolated from the business world and do not together reach the "critical mass" necessary for innovation. European SMEs must play a key role in these developments, as they are the driving factor for economic growth and innovation. One of the key areas for innovation is the field of photonics, which is changing the way we work and communicate fundamentally.

InP-based technology is the clear enabler of next generation photonics – all of the required optical functions can be created on an InP-based chip. However, the cost of entry into the photonics field is high due to capital investments in equipment and cleanrooms, process development and operational cost of such a setup. EuroPIC is about to change the way research institutes, SMEs and the industry work together in the field of photonic micro-systems based on Indium Phosphide (InP) fabrication technologies. A completely new business model will be developed and introduced, resulting in the availability for European companies and institutes of the required production methods and tools. This will also bring significant benefits to the new Eastern European member states where little or no investment in photonic fabrication infrastructure has taken place, by allowing new SMEs from these countries to compete in developing novel or improved photonic applications.

The concept of the project is simple: use the innovation capability of photonics SME by enabling access to a shared production facility, in which the technological boundaries are pushed forward by joint research in combination with Europe's leading research groups.

EuroPIC intends to apply a generic foundry approach to the design and fabrication of photonic integrated circuits.