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Compound Semiconductor, October 2010

High cost and long development times are impairing the chances of success for small companies pioneering novel devices based on photonic integrated circuits. To cater for these needs, Europe is funding the creation of an InP foundry that will use generic processes to create devices for multiple applications. Richard Stevenson discusses this venture with the project’s two coordinators, David Robbins from Willow Photonics and Meint Smit from the Technical University of Eindhoven.

Download the article published in Compound Semiconductor, October 2010.


Photonics API Specification - report

For the first time Europe's main photonic cad suppliers are making a joint effort to integrate their toolsets by setting up a standard which starts at the sub-circuit domain ("Optical Spice") and uses physics domain where needed. This approach is centered around a C++ API which will be opened up later on in the project.

Report on photonics API specification - download.